Production and Quality Control
The World's Original and Only Hickory Syrup
The close relations that have been developed over the years with small, local farmers, as well as hardwood mills assure the quality of the ingredients.

We pride our self in the manufacturing process which is only semi-industrial, in that thr heart of the product, the Natural Bark is still prepared traditionally, with no use of techniques which alter in any way the genuiness of the product.

Thus, we do not use any Artificial colorings, chemical processes of Food Preservatives.

The lack of industrialization in production causes products to be perfectly
uniform. Batches very slightly from time to time, more over, product lots may very in taste according to raw material lots and atmospheric conditions.

Samples from every single production lot, and every single batch, are therefore tasted individually during the cooking process, allowing adjustments to be made instantly, according to set taste standards.

Our manufacturing processes do not create any enviromentally unfriendly waste. All wast is organic material, assimilated in waste disposal or recycled to the residential sector.

HICKORY SYRUP STORAGE: Hickory Syrup keeps indefinitely. After opening, keep the syrup in the refrigerator or in the freezer... the syrup will not freeze... and will hold it's flavor well. If a coating or "gunk" should form on the syrup; boil the syrup and skim off the resulting foam. Let the syrup cool and return it to the refrigerator.

 Many of our chefs do not refrigerate as it seems to hasten crystallization.
Est. 1991